INTRODUCTION: Quillaja (Quillaja saponaria Molina) is a Chilean tree of the Roseacea family. Its biomass contains saponins, specifically of the triterpenic type.
This kind of molecule confers unique properties to aqueous extracts, which have been used for decades in diverse industries, as food & beverages, and cosmetic applications.

Main properties of quillaja extracts are: surface tension reduction, formation of persistent foam, fats and oils emusifier. There is important scientific evidence (papers and patents) describing uses and applications of this extracts in diverse industrial fields.

quinoa saponins
PRODUCTS: Quillaja extracts are produced by aqueous extraction of wood, which contain mainly saponins, polyphenols, sugars and salts. Different grades of purification give a variety of products, in powder and liquid form, the most important and widely used are:
QL 1000
Appearance Dark red-brown pourable liquid
Triterpenic Saponins 20-25 % of solids
Solid Content App. 43%
Package 5, 10, 22 and 250 kg HDPE plastic drums
Available in spray dried product as well
Appearance Light yellow pourable liquid
Triterpenic Saponins 65 – 70 % of solids
Solid Content App. 20 %
Package 5, 10, 20 and 220 kg HDPE plastic drums
REGULATIONS: Quillaja Extracts are approved for use in food and beverages by the FDA under 21 CFR 172.510, FEMA GRAS number 2973. Approved by the European Union for use in water-based non-alcoholic drinks under code E 999.
Quillaja Extract 68990-67-0
Quillaja 977002-27-9

USES: Quillaja extracts have a wide range of uses, mainly due to their capacity to adapt to different conditions and processes.

Food & Beverages: Quillaja extracts are utilized as foaming agents and emulsifiers in the food & beverages industry. The recommended dosage varies between 10 and 200 ppm.

Application Properties
Foam Heat Resistant (1-5 hours at 120°C)
Resistant to Extreme Acidic Conditions (pH >2)
Ethanol Resistant (1-10%)
Acid Resistant (ref: 1-10% citric acid)
Emulsifier High HLB > 13
Resistant to heat, pH, salts and acids
Others Emulsifiers Compatibility.
Solid Dispersion Resistant to heat, pH, salts and acids
Odor Solubility Transparent solutions, very stable.
Food Detergent Biodegradable, non-toxic.
Cosmetic: Quillaja extracts can be used in different cosmetic formulations, at concentrations of 30%, depending on the application. In the next table applications are enumerated.
Application Effect
Bathing agent A nontoxic bathing agent containing quillaja saponaria with effects on dermatosis and the ability to soundly sleep.
Hair dye and hair coloring preparation Preparation based on quillaja extracts and method of dyeing hair by repeated application, for a short period of the preparations according the invention
Powder shampoo A dry shampoo comprising micronized powders includes plant matter in which quillaja saponaria is included.
Foaming and conditioning shampoo Excellent shampoo composition with foaming and conditioning effects. Contains quillaja extract and a high molecular weight silicone. The shampoo composition is capable of enhancing adhesion of the silicone to damaged hair and improving easy combing and hair gathering after shampoo.