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quinoa grain
quinoa grain
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quinoa grain
cocoa powder
Quinoa/Quinua: Organic & Natural
Celiac is a digestive disorder in which the small intestine
has a toxic reaction to gluten, a protein commonly
found in wheat and other grains.
Cocoa Powder Natural & alkalized
All of our technical indexes can reach the
international requirements. Liquor & butter.

stone braker
Anti-stress. It is highly recommended for treatments of infertility and male impotence. Convalescence, lack of memory, and fatigue.
Is very effective to fight colelitiasis, renal stones,
bile stones and liver stones;
without surgery all symptoms disappear.

Salt with chili
Saponin is a natural adjuvant of non-ion surface-active agent extracted from plants. Its main active agent is the kind of composition of terpene with high stability and activity, no toxicity, minimum pollution, and easy to use.
Industrial SALT - Table SALT
Besides making foods delicious, it's believed there are more than 14,000 uses of salt, There are different forms of salt: Industrial salt, refined salt (table salt).

salt rose
Hepatic functions contains a special active
substance called cinarina that acts regulating
diverse hepatic functions.
Beautiful as ruby, rich and well hermonized meets,
fishes and vegetables. The ruby salt include much iron,
it is good for anemia.

Is wholesome, unrefined sugar. It contains the natural goodness of minerals and vitamins inherently present in sugarcane juice.
Vitamin C Medicinal plant in the region.
This evergreen shrub grows especially well in the rich volcanic ash of Hawaii.

The fruit of thurian-thet can be consumed fresh
as a dessert fruit when fully ripe or mixed
with ice cream or milk to make a delicious drink.

Anti-inflamator recommended to fight
arthritic and rheumatic affections,
articulation and osteomuscular pains.

croton lechleri. Dragon´s blood
antidiabetic, hypoglicemiant and blood purifier as well.
Also it is considered as a good astringent and anti inflammatory,
is used to fight mouth ulcers and diarrheas
the cicatrizant action of latex contained in DRAGON’S BLOOD, is given by the alkaloid taspina, that acts stimulating the migration of fibroblasts.

ANNATTO - Achiote seeds
is used for colouring foods, confectionery,
butter and cheeses. It is more widely used
in the Caribbean and Latin America.
The grain's nutritional value is high and can be
as much as to 12 to 16 percent protein, while the
balance of amino acids is very good.

ANNATTO - Achiote seeds
is used for colouring foods, confectionery,
butter and cheeses. It is more widely used
in the Caribbean and Latin America.
the natural bark of this important Amazon rainforest tree will continue
to be an effective natural herbal remedy for arthritis, for adrenal support
and as an immune tonic

Its high vitamin C content has created a demand in the natural products market.
The fruits have become popular in Peru, where they are made into drinks
and ice creams.
Use: Hypocholesterolemic (reduce cholesterol), cholegogue
(facilitates bile secretion), choleretic (secretion and excretion of bile)
and blood depurative

address sales, email, juanpcastedo@yahoo.com
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